Natalie Sanchez


Natalie Sanchez grew up in Southeast Houston, where she attended HISD schools: Cornelius Elementary, Hartman Middle School, and Chavez High School. She graduated 7th in her high school class of 738 students and earned admission to Rice University on a need-based scholarship. Natalie was Cheer Captain in middle school, high school, and undergrad. She majored in English and double minored in Sociology and Business.

In summer of 2018, Natalie applied to a medium-sized personal injury firm located just two miles from Rice—Crim & Villalpando, PC and was offered a position in the Accounting Department. After proving herself to be a fast learner, Crim & Villalpando, PC offered her a permanent part-time position. Natalie maintained a constant presence at Crim & Villalpando, PC until she became an attorney.
As a first-generation college graduate, Natalie changed the course of her family’s trajectory. At University of Houston Law Center, on top of her regular coursework, Natalie participated in the Texas Innocence Project and the Immigration Clinic. She also made Dean’s List three out of six semester while in law school.

Natalie recognizes that as an attorney, peoples’ lives depend on her, and this is not something she takes lightly. She has proved herself to be willing and determined to make the most of the resources she is given. Natalie brings her professional experience and life experience to each of her cases. As a first-generation Latina lawyer, her passion to secure the best outcome on clients’ cases leads all her professional decisions.

In her free time, Natalie works out 2-3 times a week. She loves to dance and spend time with loved ones.