Prescription Drug Errors

The number of people needlessly hurt or killed by prescription drugs has become astonishing. The FDA and others, including the American Medical Association and the Harvard School of Public Health, have recently reported that prescription drugs cause an estimated 106,000 deaths a year in American hospital patients. Adverse drug reactions in hospital patients alone cause 2.2 million injuries each year.

Prescription drug injuries are most often caused by pharmacy error. When a person is prescribed a medication, a pharmacy has the obligation to ensure that the patient has received the proper dosage and proper medication. There are safeguards which should be in place to prevent mis-fills or mix-ups in regard to the administration of medication.

Preventable injuries can result from anything from a drug reaction to carelessness, to incompetence, to outright greed. Mistakes can occur at any point in the prescription drug delivery process, from the manufacturer all the way to the sales clerk or nurse assistant who actually hands the drug to the patient. Experts estimate that two-thirds of the deaths and injuries caused by prescription drugs could be prevented.

Vaccine Safety Issues

The purity and safety of vaccines have also been a health concern. Thimerosal, which is approximately 50% mercury by weight, has been used extensively as a preservative in the vaccine. Mercury has been linked to neurological damage, and studies are being conducted concerning Thimerosal’s possible link to the development of autism.

Individuals who have taken an unsafe drug or been exposed to a contaminated vaccine, may be at risk for serious health problems and should be medically monitored.

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