Auto & Motor Vehicle AccidentsWe have helped thousands of people in the Houston area to obtain the compensation they need and deserve after car or other motor vehicle accidents. We are familiar with many of the local roads where crashes happen as well as the freeways on which high-speed crashes happen such as Interstate 10, Interstate 45, Loop 610, Highway 59, Beltway 8, Highway 6, Highway 288, 1960, Highway 225, 90, and Highway 290.

Trucking & 18-Wheeler AccidentsAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the year 2000, around 457,000 large trucks were involved in collisions throughout the United States. These trucks had a gross vehicle weight rating over ten thousand pounds, with over four thousand of these accidents involving big-rigs resulting in death. Large truck accidents were responsible for one out of every eight highway deaths in 2000.

Medical & Hospital NegligenceMedical Malpractice is a serious concern of many people. “What if something was missed on my test results? Why can’t they find out what’s wrong with me? Why did my doctor give me a clean bill of health if I am still in pain?” In actuality medical malpractice is simply medical negligence.

Prescription Drug ErrorsThe number of people needlessly hurt or killed by prescription drugs has become astonishing. The FDA and others, including the American Medical Association and the Harvard School of Public Health, have recently reported that prescription drugs cause an estimated 106,000 deaths a year in American hospital patients. Adverse drug reactions in hospital patients alone cause 2.2 million injuries each year.

Job Related InjuriesDue to the nature of the construction trade, individuals employed on construction sites find themselves confronted with dangerous, life-threatening work conditions on a daily basis. Serious accidents and injuries resulting in personal injury and wrongful death occur with alarming frequency at construction sites throughout the country. With robust economic conditions fueling a construction boom, the frequency and severity of construction site accidents is bound to increase in the future.

Defective Product InjuriesDesigners, manufacturers and sellers have a duty to design products that are safe for a person to use in an ordinary way. When they fail to design safe products, people can become sick, suffer serious injuries or even get killed from using these products.

If you have been injured due to a defective product, you have a potential product liability claim against the company responsible for designing or manufacturing the defective product.

Wrongful DeathWrongful death case claims are statutory causes of action brought on behalf of a surviving spouse, child, or parent. Wrongful death claims seek compensation for losses resulting from the family member’s death. A number of situations lead to wrongful death case being filed. Medical mistakes, car accidents, criminal attacks, work-related injuries, and other accidents result in wrongful death case.