Professional Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

The Crim & Villalpando Law Firm’s staff strives to handle all cases as quickly as possible, based on the individual factors involved in each. However, each injury claim does follow a process and takes time to evolve. We keep our injured clients informed regarding this process, encouraging a patient and cooperative attorney/client relationship that results in an atmosphere conducive to a just resolution of an injury claim.

Again, while each individual’s claim differs, consider the following timeline, which roughly tracks the average process of a personal injury claim. Certain claims take substantially longer than the following depiction evidence, but the series of events for most claims is substantially similar.

Typical Example of the Injury Claim Process

Diagnosis Timeline

First and foremost, personal injury claims are just that injuries. Thus our Firm relies on competent medical care providers to properly diagnose each personal injury and fully explain an injured party’s prognosis; a diagnosis and prognosis are essential to our monetary evaluation of an injured client’s claim.

Month 1

Consultations and Investigation

Months 1-3

Medical Treatment

Months 1-6

Documentation and Further Treatment

Months 3-12

Further Documentation and Negotiations

Beyond 12 Months

Settlement Discussions or Lawsuit

Litigation Timeline

Litigation is, by definition, a lawsuit including all of the proceedings involved in a legal action. It is an adversarial method of resolving a dispute. While lawyers are traditionally seen as problem-solvers and counselors, the role of the litigator or trial lawyer is to act as an advocate for his or her client’s case before judges and juries.

Months 1-4

Suit and Answer

Months 2-9


Months 6-12

Additional Discovery and Mediation

Months 9-18 and Beyond

Trial Setting