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Due to the nature of the construction trade, individuals employed on construction sites find themselves confronted with dangerous, life-threatening work conditions on a daily basis. Serious accidents and injuries resulting in personal injury and wrongful death occur with alarming frequency at construction sites throughout the country. With robust economic conditions fueling a construction boom, the frequency and severity of construction site accidents is bound to increase in the future.

However, many states workers’ compensation laws may severely limit recovery for a construction site accident. State laws that preclude an employee from suing an employer also generally limit the employee to a workers’ compensation system which may not provide compensation for pain and suffering. Many of these compensation laws may place specific limits on how long an injured worker may collect benefits, even if the worker is injured indefinitely. Often, in order to receive compensation that accounts for pain and suffering, a party other than the employer must be found to bear some responsibility for the injury-causing accident. Knowledge of federal state regulations governing construction sites is imperative when developing theories against general contractors and subcontractors that may allow for legal action when it appears that such laws would prevent recovery. Further, your construction accident attorney should have experience in the inspection of worksites, identification of critical witnesses and preservation of importance evidence.

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